baby stuff I’ve loved…

Just a few of the items that I’ve loved and a few that I don’t think we could manage twins without!

In no particular order:

Boogie Wipes:  They are what they sound like.  They are saline wipes that are designed for grabbing the occasional “bear in the cave”.  I like them because I can also use them on drool, food, etc without irritating their skin.  Plus, the fresh scent smells good, so that’s always a plus.

Lap Pads: Heavens.  Thank goodness for my dear friend Erin who told me about these marvelous inventions.  From lining our changing table, placing them in the crib to protect the sheets and using them as changing pads on their own, these lap pads have been life savers.  At the very least, they have been instrumental in preventing me from having to change the sheets on the cribs multiple times. (yay, acid reflux!)

The Twin Snap n Go: For the early months, this was a MUST HAVE!  We received ours as “hand me downs” from our dear friends who had twins just over a year before we did.

The Chicco Quattro Together: The perfect stroller for tall parents!  The handle adjusts up and down about 5 inches, giving us just enough extra room to comfortably push the stroller.  Frank is 6’9″ and I’m 6’1″, so finding the perfect stroller was a must for us – and considering how much we push our stroller around, it is saving our already weary backs. Also, if you decide to go the route of the Chicco brand car seats (we did not), the Chicco car seats can snap into this double stroller, negating the need for the Snap n Go.

Sophie the Giraffe:  I know this sounds dumb, but this giraffe is excellent!  It is the perfect shape for the girls to put in their mouths, makes nose and is easy to grab.

Cozi: One of the best ways to keep life organized.  It has shopping lists, to-do lists, a calendar and so much more!  You can assign tasks and calendar entries to specific people in your family.  It keeps us sane and on top of things!

High Quality Swaddling Blankets: It sounds silly, but whenever we had a choice, we always chose to use our Pottery Barn Kids swaddling blankets.  It just seemed like we could get a tighter and more effective swaddle out of these because of their stretchy soft material, than we could out of traditional swaddling blankets.  While it may not seem like a “must have”, I will tell you that at 2 a.m. when I had about 20 minutes of sleep, I wanted the best swaddle I could get.

The Twin Pack ‘n Play:  Our twins slept in this bassinet whenever grandma came over to stay.  It was great because they could sleep in her room, next to the futon.  Now that they have outgrown the bassinets, they are now using the play yard.  I love when we can use something for more than one function!

The Graco Blossom:  We just purchased this (online, from Amazon for big savings – hurrah!) and we love it.  The chair serves four purposes, which, if all goes as planned, will last a long time.  It can be a booster seat, a strap-on high chair, a standard high chair and a youth chair. The chair comes with a play tray, a regular tray and a tray cover that can be easily removed and washed.

Twin Related Onesies: It was just so fun!  See below:

Starbucks: Not just for the coffee (which was also excellent!), but also for the delicious and healthy meal options.  My personal favorite?  The eggwhite spinach and feta wrap.  So, so, SO good.

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