the girls: sixth month update

I’m a little late on this one, but bear with me:


  • Ellie: 17 lbs 2 oz, 26 1/4 inches long
  • Carrie: 16 lbs 14 oz, 25 1/2 inches long

What they are doing:

  • Gabbing and chatting with us and with eachother
  • Rolling everywhere they can
  • Grabbing and holding toys, putting EVERYTHING in their mouths
  • Drooling. On. Every.Thing.
  • Eating solids – they love rice and oatmeal and have enjoyed prunes, pears, and apples.
Ellie is my little snuggle bunny these days.  She loves to get cozy and enjoy a pacifier and some snuggles in the middle of the afternoon.  She “sings” herself to sleep in her car seat.  She is rolling back to front, but not front to back  yet.  She can sit up with assistance.
Carrie loves to play.  She loves being bounced on Dad’s knee or tickled under her chin.  She is very, very chatty.  We even discovered that she’s cutting her first two teeth tonight!  She tries to sit, like her sister, but prefers to stand up straight and tall.
We are pretty pleased with our little girls.  For being two months early, the doctors are very pleased with their progress.  They are definitely ahead of their adjusted age and catching up quickly with their chronological age.

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