the twins in pictures – 3 months!

Lots of pictures of the girls!  Carrie is on the left, Ellie is on the right.

A few solo shots of Ellie:

Don’t adjust your monitor – the color of Ms. Ellie’s hair is definitely RED.  How, you may be wondering, could two brunette parents have a child with such brilliantly red hair?  It’s all in the genes.  My dad’s beard came in red when he was younger, as did my mom’s dad’s beard.  Plus, my dad’s family is Irish and my great Uncle Frank was a red head.

And Ms. Carrie:

What is hard to see with Miss Carrie is her hair… and that’s because she has very little up on top!  Most of her hair is in the back and is very dark brown.  Looks like she got her mom’s dark hair and blue eyes.

3 thoughts on “the twins in pictures – 3 months!

  1. OMW You and Frank are so blessed. How fun your life will be with these two precious girls. I enjoyed my two girls while I had them to the best of my ability – it was great. But they weren’t twins. Treasure every moment, have the time of your life and theirs. It goes by soooooo quickly!!

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