the girls: a three month update

It’s been three months since we had the girls.  It’s hard to believe that time has flown by so quickly!

Because the girls were nearly two months early, their development hasn’t been quite as speedy as most three month old babies.  That being said, they are working very hard to catch up to the babies that were born full term in February.

Both Elliana and Carrigan are smiling, cooing and even giggling at some times.  They are getting good at holding their heads up and are awake a lot more during the day.

In the past week or so, they’ve started sleeping longer stretches at night.  Elliana has made it through the night twice, while Carrigan only got up once a night.

Their acid reflux continues to be an on-again, off-again problem.  We have a few days where we think we’ve kicked the puking habit and then, bam, one of them has a streak of puking that makes me wonder if it would be more efficient just to pour the formula directly on myself, the child, our couches and floors.

It’s fun to see their personalities emerge as they get older.

Elliana seems to be our more thoughtful child.  She doesn’t smile as much as her sister, but rather seems to study things very intently.  She loves to be put on the floor on her activity mat.  She looks around at her toys and bats at them with her arms and legs.  She has big, luscious cheeks and perfect little bow lips.  Her eyelashes and eyebrows are coming in a pretty shade of red and her hair seems to get redder with each passing day.  She is not as impressed by my singing and playing with her, but I think I am starting to grow on her.

Carrigan is a very expressive baby. She smiles, laughs, coos and even raises just one eyebrow to show her delight and interest.  While her sister will stare at things intently for a long time, Carrigan likes interaction.  Carrigan has smaller, more delicate features and while her sister is more of a fair complexion, Carrie has a little bit darker skin tone.  The little bit of hair that is coming in around the sides of her head (she is totally bald on top), is a dark brown.

Both girls have pretty blue eyes and are still sporting the cute button noses that most babies have at infancy.

We’ve gone for lots of walks, trips to the mall, visits to the grandparents houses and outings to see friends.  They’ve had all of their shots, which they took like champs at their two month appointment.  Carrie was 9 lbs 2 oz and Ellie was 10 lbs at their two month appointments, so it will be interesting to see how big they’ve gotten at their four month appointment.

I’d write more, but both girls are crying at the moment.  Duty calls!

2 thoughts on “the girls: a three month update

  1. Your post made me think of Gabe as a baby. I can’t say this is true of all babies, but when I look back on him now in light of the little person he has become, his personality was the same then. Of course it has changed as he has grown and developed, but when I think of his baby days I absolutely see the seeds to the determined, bright boy we have today.

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