25 week update w/ 24 week belly pic

I am a bit behind on the belly pics, so hopefully I’ll get a 25 week picture done this week.  Until then, this 24 week picture will have to do:

What’s new with the babies: The babies continue to grow and are more and more active every day.  It’s amazing to feel how strong they can kick now!  The babies are about 13 1/2″ long and about 1 1/2 lbs.

How I feel: I’ve started having heartburn and realize that I should start eating smaller meals and not eating too close to bed time – otherwise I experience disastrous results…   I’ve also had to adjust how I am sleeping to include more pillows and support.  And I’ve needed more naps.  Other than that – I feel great!  Oh, and awesome news – I passed my gestational diabetes test!  Hurrah!  I was legitimately worried about it since I have PCOS and was diagnosed with hypoglycemia a year ago.

Other thoughts: Time has really started to fly by.  We are almost done with our birthing classes at our hospital (they like moms of multiples to take the class sooner).  We only have 13 weeks to go, which at first sounds like a lot of time, but considering how fast time has gone so far, it seems like it’s just around the corner… The cribs and dressers are ordered and should be ready for delivery in the next month or so.  We’ve packed the month of January with projects to take care of before the babies get here – let the nesting begin!!

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