22 weeks

I was a little preoccupied with the holidays and work, and just realized that I hadn’t done a babies update in almost three weeks.  Woops!

What’s new with the babies: We had our anatomy ultrasound last week on Tuesday.  Just before the ultrasound, I almost decided to find out what we were having – but then Frank told me how excited he was about being surprised and how much he was looking forward to introducing the babies to me, and my heart just melted.  How could I say no to such a heartfelt request to keep it a surprise for both of us??  The babies looked great on the ultrasound.  Baby A is head-down, weighs in at 1 lb and had a healthy heart rate of about 149.  Baby B is breach and was VERY active that day.  Since Baby B is breach, his feet are next to Baby A’s  head.  During the ultrasound of Baby A’s head, we kept seeing Baby B’s feet jabbing into the picture.  Poor Baby A!  Good thing there is a nice membrane separating the two of them.  Baby B measured at 1 lb 1 oz and with a heart rate of 152.  All of the checks they do for the screening looked great, too!

The babies are getting more and more active.  I feel them moving around pretty regularly.  Times of day haven’t been super consistent for movement, but there are definitely times that the two of them go to town!

How I feel: I feel great!  I am tired, but managing to keep my napping to a minimum.  It is hard to work full-time and not come home at night and go to sleep at 7:30 p.m.  Fortunately, even though I am tired, I am also stubborn and determined to stay awake!  I am definitely showing (a  22 week picture will be posted tomorrow) now.  I also think the babies have shifted and moved further north, giving me a touch of indigestion.  I am sure that will only get more interesting as the pregnancy continues.

Other thoughts: I am super prone to stretch marks.  Like, epically prone to them.  I have them everywhere, just from growing quickly and being heavier when I was younger.  With that in mind, I embarked on a daily routine of using Vitamin E oil and the Mary Kay Toning Lotion during this pregnancy.  The Vitamin E is great at repairing injuries (ie. healing scars, etc) and is a major component of a lot of the Mary Kay products that I use.  The second item I use, the MK lotion, has Vitamin E, but is also meant to increase skin elasticity and reduce cellulite.  The result?  I am 22 weeks and measuring at about 27-28 weeks (thanks to the twins), and I haven’t had a single new stretch mark so far!  I’ve actually even seen an improvement in the ones that I already had!  This is HUGE for me considering how prone I am to the ugly red stretch marks!!

One thought on “22 weeks

  1. Now that’s will power of steel. I was so excited to find out at my 20 week ultrasound I couldn’t sleep for days leading up to it. I can’t imagine having another 18 weeks to go. The anticipation will really help keep you energized the last few weeks. That’s when I could have used it.

    You’re last belly pic was adorable! Can’t wait to see the new one.

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