I was reminded this week of the story of Ruth in the Bible.  I like the story of Ruth.  I like Ruth’s faithfulness to her mother-in-law, even after her husband passes away.  I like her guts – traveling to a foreign country to start over.  I like how she wasn’t afraid to just work hard – she spent hours each day picking up the left-overs during harvest time so that she and her mother-in-law could have enough to eat.  And I love that how she maintained her dignity and integrity through it all.

I admire Ruth because she had strength of character and commitment even when it would be easily understood if she just simply walked away.  The story of Ruth, to me, is a story of how God works in tragedy and in the small everyday-type things for good.  Yes, it was terrible that Ruth lost her husband and her mother-in-law Naomi lost her husband.  It was probably incredibly hard for Ruth to move to a new country and start over.  And I’m sure there were days when she was picking up scraps of food in the fields that she thought, “man, this is NOT how I pictured my life turning out.” But in doing the seemingly small things – working hard, staying loyal to Naomi and focusing on the task at hand, Ruth was greatly rewarded.  God ultimately blessed her with a new, godly husband and stability.

Sometimes it is SO hard to stay focused on the small, everyday things.  For example, I am not a fan of cleaning our toilets.  I don’t even think that there is a godly reward for cleaning our toilet, except that it’s not embarrassing to have people over; I don’t have to tell guests, “Never you mind that brown ring in the toilet – it was a stain from the previous owner!”

But I think that staying focused on the small things is what builds the mental muscle to stay focused on the big things.  I am terrible at this – anyone who knows me well knows that a flashing light in Colorado can become a fascinating distraction for me and completely derail my train of thought.  ::blink, blink, blink::

I digress.

Which I suppose was the point.

It’s hard to stay on task daily.  It’s hard to not get distracted by other, more interesting (yet less rewarding) things.

Some of you know that I had a recent addiction to the game Bejeweled Blitz.  I may, or may not, have mentioned said addiction on this very blog.  This addiction resulted in me sort of mentally checking out to play this game on a very regular basis.  I could easily pass an hour on this game while watching horrid TV (I love you, Kendra!) or talking on the phone.

So I decided to cut out the game and instead fold some laundry, put away some dishes and sort through mail while I chatted on the phone or watched TV.  I also got back into regularly checking my favorite blogs.

It also freed up time to read, prepare some things for the baby and get my life more organized.  I was able to flex my mundane-stuff muscle, which is good, because I’m getting more and more convinced that if I can develop that into a stronger muscle, I’ll be better able to appreciate and enjoy the less mundane blessings in life.

2 thoughts on “life

  1. Flashing light…sorry, left my hazards on.

    Isn’t there something to be said for blowing off the mundane in favor of the uplifting or the awe-inspiring? Or maybe just the relaxing? You probably won’t care about that brown toilet ring whilst lying in your death bed.

  2. Love reading your blog as always, this post put an extra smile on my face because we used scripture from Ruth when writing our wedding vows since we each of us was adopting a new culture, religious point of view, and way of life.

    You look great, btw!!!

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