stinking dairy queen

Frank and I have been doing the sugar-free thing for a month.  The twitching and shaking has mostly subsided, which is excellent!  And we are starting to fully enjoy the benefits of being sugar-free, which include:

– weight loss!  I’ve lost approximately 10 lbs over the past month.

– no food anxiety! I used to dread holidays and date nights because I knew that either I ate sugar earlier in the day and a nice dinner was going to push me over my recommended caloric intake OR I would eat dessert at dinner and feel terrible later.  It had gotten to the point that I would stress before normally fun events – not good!

– no 5 p.m. panic!  So with my insulin biz, I would often crave carbs (I still do), which is ironic because it’s really the last thing my body actually needs.  My body is so efficient with dealing with sugar, that I get a sugar high followed by a sugar low that makes me feel SO hungry and irrational, that I didn’t understand how people took the time to pre-heat the oven to make pizza when they came home from work.  I was THAT hungry!  Now, I can leave work and stop at the grocery store without turning into a hot mess.  Sweet!

With all of these positives, it’s hard to imagine that sugar could still have a pull on my life.  I mean, the pluses clearly outweigh the negatives… and yet….

Dairy Queen is running a buy one Blizzard, get one for 25 cents promotion.  Yeah, that’s right – an entire delicious and frosty Blizzard for a mere quarter. I mean, if you turn a Blizzard upside down, it doesn’t fall out.  If that doesn’t say “gotta have it” what does??

Frank was actually the first one of us to bring up this outstanding promotion in conversation.  And it was tempting.  You know, what could ONE deviation from the no sugar policy really mean?

But then I thought about the three points above and I knew that if I caved once, I’d cave again… and again…  So for the first time in our marriage, I was the strong one.  I said “NO!” to DQ.  It was liberating.  It was freeing.

I will not give up! I will persevere!  NO MORE CRAZY!

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