spidey sense

Well, the spider dreams are back again.

When Frank and I lived in Naperville, we lived in a … well… affordable two bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment with washer/dryer in unit.  It was small, but it was our first home together.  We loved it.  Even to this day, the sound of vertical blinds rustling in the wind reminds me of falling asleep in our Naperville apartment.

This was, of course, before I discovered the gap between the screen and the frame of the window that was allowing countless insects into our humble abode.  After I discovered that, the window stayed firmly shut.

We also became big believers in RAID. Take that tiny bugs!

But our efforts were in vain.  Despite closing up the windows and fighting the good fight with the RAID, it was not enough to ward off the earwig infestation of 2004.  As many have heard me say, that was the year that Frank killed 19 earwigs in our bedroom in one evening.  I dreaded picking up laundry from the floor as bugs would regularly fall out of the legs of our jeans and pockets of shirts.

During this time, it’s not surprising that I dreamt an AWFUL lot about bugs.  I dreamt regularly that there were spiders in my bed.  I would wake up in the middle of the night, throw the covers off of the bed and turn on the lights.  But I was always too late – the bugs had disappeared into their sneaky hiding places before I could find them and slay them.

Frank did not believe me that there were spiders in our bed.  But I know better.

See, once we moved to our 9th floor apartment in Milwaukee, I didn’t dream about bugs for quite some time.

When lived in our house in Oak Creek, I dreamt about a bug only one time.  And I believe there was a bug involved, if I am not mistaken.

Last year I was watching TV on my laptop and I saw something scurrying across my stomach.  Panicked, I turned on the light next to my bed and sure enough – there was a spider!  Needless to say, I killed him and turned the room upside down trying to find his possy.

I think I dreamt once about spiders last year.  I think the swift demise of their spider-friend was a warning shot.

This all brings me to last night.  Last night I had a very vivid dream about a spider being on my arm.  I was trying to get it off, but it walked around my arm and stopped below my wrist.  In my dream, I was panicked – the spider was brown and furry and burrowed into my skin.  In my dream, I was frantically trying to find someone to cut out the spider from my arm.  When they did, it was just an empty pocket of skin.

All of this to say, I think that we have a spider problem again.  Anyone know of any good exterminators in the Chicagoland area?

Thank you.

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