the last 24 hours without sweets…

… has been … OK.

Just OK.  It’s been hard.  I’ve thought about sweets a lot.  The things I loved AND sweets replacements (ie. honey roasted peanuts… not a candy… but coated in sugary goodness…).

Now, this doesn’t mean that I cannot do my job or live my life – I haven’t started sweating and shaking, but I did lose 3 lbs.  So, there’s that good news.

But it appears that I am not alone in my struggle to cut out things I don’t need.  A recent study talked about the addictive nature of meat, chocolate, sugar and coffee.

One thought on “the last 24 hours without sweets…

  1. i was JUST going to email you and ask how things were going! you lost 3 pounds already?!?!?! dang girl! i’m jealous! i worked out this morning….realized just how out of shape i am. {SIGH}
    i prayed for you today! God’s going to give you the strength to do what’s right! you’re my hero!! 🙂

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