Sometimes things just suck.

In big, big ways.

My appointment with my OB triggered big anger in me tonight.

The appointment itself was fine, but the perceived injustice of this situation just exploded in my brain.

I swore and cried and yelled at God the whole way home.

Fortunately it’s not a long drive.

And it’s ok to be angry, and even to be angry at God.  He’s a big boy, and He can take it.

But at the end of all of my anger and frustration and fury at our situation, God quietly and calmly reminded me that I am His child.

I’m a little less angry.

That’s not to say that I’m not going to have bouts of anger about the situation.

But God can handle this.

2 thoughts on “sucks.

  1. And I sometimes wonder what our cars would say if they could talk. I’m sure yours would say, “My Emily is a great driver. Even in anger, she keeps control and we both make it safely home to Frank.”

    Whereas my car would say, “My Toni is a nut case. She sends her niece into the store so she can hit the passenger seat like a punching bag pretending her niece is in it.”

    Thank goodness cars can’t talk!

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