women in skirts.

So I had the honor, nay, the privilege of being among an army of ladies in skirts that descended upon Rosemont, IL yesterday.

See, as you may recall, I started my Mary Kay business last November.  Today was “ChicagoRama” – an all day function that was meant to inspire and motivate and educate.

How did I do today?  Well, I was definitely educated.  I learned about vitamins and peptides and moisturizers – oh my!

And I was motivated.  It sure is hard NOT to be motivated when you are surrounded by women of all ages who are cheering and bopping to music.

And I was pretty inspired.  But the inspiration really set in when I realized it was almost impossible to distinguish the ages of many of the women – my early 70’s director looks like she’s in her late 40’s – all thanks to their long-time use of Mary Kay products. Pretty impressive!

I pity any guy that found themselves in the midst of the clapping, yelling, dancing, cheering.

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