bold blogging

Since MckMama challenged all of her readers to blog boldly, I have:

  • a. blogged boldly
  • b. folded laundry
  • c. watched too much Greek
  • d. been paralyzed with fear by that challenge and opted to just do b&c.

The answer … after a word from the only sponsor of this blog: me.

Need a facial?  Email me.  I’m a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.  I’ve used the product for years and love it.  It’s awesome.  You have to try it.

‘Nuff said.

For those of you paying careful attention to my blog lately (which, based on my blog counter, is probably only FK [and I don’t mean “only” like, “bah, it’s just FK”, but rather “only” like “singularly”]), then you know that the answer is d.

I wish I had prizes for you, but … I don’t.  So sorry.

 My 2010 resolution for my blog is to blog boldly.  What that is going to look like is anyone’s guess.

Will I boldly tell you about my love for Magic Shell?

Will I boldly tell you that I am measuring my food so that I am certain that I am actually only eating a 1/2 cup of ice cream (side note: a 1/2 cup is more than you would think!) and 2 tsp of Magic Shell?

Will I boldly tell you that I almost bled out at the doctor’s office today when I got my glucose tolerance test taken?  (oh yeah, blood everywhere – floor, chair, gloves, shirt)  Or will I also boldly mention that when I got into my car, I started to wonder if I was still bleeding out (my shirt was damp from bleeding out the first time), but I was so hungry from the fasting that I applied pressure to my arm while driving to the McDonald’s?

Can you handle the boldness?

I thought so. 

Boldly, Em

2 thoughts on “bold blogging

  1. My only question is did you also get a hot fudge sunday with nuts? That and some french fries and a diet coke spells nutritional to me! I love you tons!

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