writer's block

It seems, after last week’s several days of intense emotions (primarily just wanting to cry ALL THE TIME), that I am entering the numb phase.  I’ve got nothing.

I went to church this morning and the talk was on prayer.  But right now, I just can’t even put down on “paper” what I learned.  And it was powerful and amazing.

Frank and I had a good conversation about our fertility issues today – he really had some great wisdom to share.  And I wish I wanted to write it down, but I can’t.

And it is bothering me.

I think it is bothering me because the writer’s block is not the result of nothing going on.  A lot is going on, but it’s all backed up and it won’t come out of me in an orderly manner.


It’s bed time.  Maybe I’ll have organized words tomorrow?

3 thoughts on “writer's block

  1. Your heart and mind will know what to write and when the “right” time to write it will be. You just keep working on those prayers and amazing talks with FK! I love you!!

  2. i’ve been there too. there’s just so much there you don’t know where to start or how to put it into words. or maybe, you feel like if you start you won’t be able to stop and you don’t know where that could lead.

    it’s ok. don’t push yourself too hard. (you tend to do that, ya know! 🙂

    know you are being wrapped in prayers and let it come out when you’re ready.

    in the meantime, we all love you and are praying for you guys!

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