braless bandits

My dear friend Nicole came down from the Good Land this weekend.

And Frank was nervous.

See, when Nicole and I are together, interesting things happen.

Two years ago, she and I attended a women’s retreat with our friend Amy.  The combination of the three of us was Out of Control.

The end result was that we left love notes on doors of even the sweetest, most unsuspecting retreat goers along with pairs of balloon-made boobies.  We even left a pair on the door of the speaker, who came downstairs to breakfast and applauded our realism with the boobies, as the pair we left her were uneven… and orange.

Word quickly spread among our husbands and my own husband felt a mixture of complex emotions that came out in a long, weary sigh.

“Really, Emily?  Really?  You go on this retreat to get closer to God and the end result is that you, Nicole and Amy formed an unholy trinity called the braless bandits? YOU LEFT BOOBIES ON THE SPEAKER’S DOOR???”

Hey.  You do whatcha gotta do.

So, needless to say, Frank knows that when Nicole and I have nothing but time on our hands, there can be no good done.

On Friday morning, I called my brother and asked him if he would pick up Nicole at the train later that night at 5:30 p.m.  Because Andy is the BEST, he agreed (aww, 120 pts, bradah!).  Later in the day, Nicole’s plans changed and I no longer needed Andy to pick her up.

But I didn’t exactly tell him that.

Later that night when I was on my way to get Nicole, I called my brother.

“Hey Em, what’s up?”

“Nothing, just going to get Nicole from the train station.”

Silence and then “Oh [expletive]!!!”

I nearly died.  Andy had forgotten and thought that I called him because he forgot to get her.  I couldn’t stop laughing!

So naturally, when Nicole saw Andy, she said, “Hey, Andy!  Thanks for the ride!”

That poor guy.

What all did Nicole and I do, besides totally terrorizing my brother??

You’ll have to buy my tell all book.  (actually, we were really well behaved this weekend and just had a nice time hanging out… maybe we’re just getting old?)

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