Borrowed from one of my favorite blogs to follow along with – Slightly Cosmo.  She’s following someone else who is following someone else!

Outside my window… it’s cold and dark.

I am thinking… about going to bed.  It’s late and it was a long and lovely day.

I am thankful for… God’s grace.  It is abundant, even in the scarcest of times.

From the kitchen…a chicken taco from Taco Bell. MmmmmMmm!

I am wearing…jeans, a teeshirt and a sweater.  And big earrings.  It makes me feel good.

I am creating… a new beginning.  More on that soon.

I am going… to sleep.  Seriously.

I am reading… a book about organics.  But I guess first I need to open it.  DIRTY!

I am hoping… that God will bless us with children.  How He does it, well, that’s the interesting part!

I am hearing…the sound of Oprah.  Help!

Around the house…is my dear friend Nicole!  She is in town from The Good Land – YAY!!

One of my favorite things… sleeping.  Why am I still online??

A few plans for the rest of the week… church, billing, driving, FRANK! FRANK!

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