highs & lows – week ending 10/11/09

Yeah, that’s right – I’m starting my weeks on Mondays.  It’s the broadcast week.  You know, TV producers start their weeks on Mondays.  You didn’t know that?  No one knows that?  And furthermore, no one cares?

You’re pwobably wight.

Moving on:


1. Time with Frank.  We’ve just been having really great time together.  Love him 🙂

2.  Lori & Chris’s wedding.  They look so lovely and so happy.  ::happy sigh::

3. Breakfast with Kate, Jamie, Craig & Brendan.  It was early, but it was worth it!  You all are fabulous!

4. Work.  I’m just really  happy with my job.  Always something interesting.  Always something to learn.

5. Cleaned out the garage, got rid of the possum couch (thanks KV!) and FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE WE MOVED HERE: my car is in the garage.  I practically squealed with joy.  And I actually squealed with joy when I remembered that I didn’t have to go outside to a cold car this morning!


1. Fertility crapola.  Bah!

2. Anxiety issues stemming from the consumption of Diet Coke.  Guess I just have to kick the habit now and forever.  Dirty!

3. Cold weather.  I’m just not mentally ready for it.  Bah!

What are your  highs and lows?  You can play along with my dear friend Slightly Cosmo by going to her blog.  Thanks, Heidi!

3 thoughts on “highs & lows – week ending 10/11/09

  1. I am SO not ready for the cold weather, either! I feel like we went from hardly-had-a-summer to just-about-winter in two weeks’ time! Where are the warmish days and cool nights? I need them for my soul!

  2. I was doing so well with my garage until the table and chairs didn’t sell and the side chairs didn’t sell and the grandfathers clock didn’t sell and….well you get the idea…the garage is full again. And so I am going to revel in your empty garage joy! Hopefully, soon, I will be able to see two cars snug as a bug in a rug in the garage at night!

    Don’t give up the diet drinks cold turkey, just limit yourself to one a day. You are doing a great job!

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