starting a truly organic adventure

Well, you may or may not have noticed a new tab at the top of this page titled “organicalicious”.  As part of my new journey into organica, I thought I would keep tabs on all of the wonderful information that my aunt shared with me today as well as everything I am researching.

I don’t think that this will be a 100% switch, but we are definitely going to explore changing a few key items.  We’ve already switched to organic milk.

Baby steps.

Please share any links, information, ideas, learnings, etc!

10 thoughts on “starting a truly organic adventure

  1. Hi Emily!!
    So Dominicks has REALLY good organic veggies and a lot of the time they are better then the regular ones and cheaper too.. especially all the peppers and green onions and green beans. They also have AMAZING organic strawberries which tend to be cheaper than the regular ones! So check it out!

    And if you havent been to trader joes… GO! NOW! They have this AMAZING organic roasted red pepper hummus and flat bread. Mmmmmmm. Yes Trader Joes can be a bit pricey but the food there is AMAZING.

    Hope this helps!

    • Dr. L-to-the-Enzo,
      Thank you for the advice! I know there is a Whole Foods going in by Streets of Woodfield. And I didn’t realize that Dominick’s had a good selection of organic veggies, so that’s good to know!

  2. We’re going organic too!!! I’ve been shopping at Trader Joes. Where have you been shopping? I’ve also switched to an earth friendly laundry detergent and am going to look into earth friendly/organic alternatives for other household and personal hygiene products. I hate that there are so many chemicals and nasty crap in everything around us!!

    • We’ve only switched our milk. I am going to review the ingredients in our every day stuff and see if we need to change it out. I am also going to stop buying the “dirty dozen”.

      My sister-in-law sells Melaluca and I think I am going to get on board with that. They have a great selection of household cleaning products, make up, etc. If I had a “party” would you be interested in checking it out?

    • Just wanted to share one thing that I saw in the news recently ( I can’t remember exactly where, but I’ll try to find the link). Beware of cleaning products that claim to be “organic” or “natural.” We had been buying the Clorox line of “green products,” and I read that they weren’t really that much better for you — or the environment. Now, I know that I shouldn’t always believe everything that I read … and that I should do my own research, but just something to keep in mind. (We’ve been trying to convert to using a vinegar mixture as a cleaning agent — you can find different ways to mix it online, but can’t quite get over the stench!)

      • Artemis – I had heard the same thing, too. I try to use vinegar, too, but you are right – difficult to get past the smell. P-U! Thanks for your comment!!

  3. Thanks for sharing the link! We do organic dairy and eggs in our house. With produce it’s hit or miss depending on what looks good at the store. When it comes to processed foods, I take “organic” as a loose term.

    I think meats are probably one of the most important items to buy organic but the prices are so ridiculous it’s prohibitive.

    • Hi Runblondie –

      I looked at some organic meat today at the grocery store. 3 lbs of ground beef for $13, which is almost double the non-organic, leaner option. Is it strange that the organic beef was 15% fat whereas the non-organic was less than 12% fat?

      Thanks for sharing!

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