i've had enough.

I am done.

I am tired of not being in control of my hormones and my body and my life.  And it’s not about control, either.  Control is the wrong word.
I am not disciplined.  In this whole battle, I’ve caved on discipline.

I am not in the Word as regularly as I should.

I am not watching what I eat as carefully as I need to.

I am not working out daily.

I am not prioritizing my own time and when I do, I veg.

No. More.

I can’t control pretty much anything.  But I can be more disciplined.

PS. I  start progesterone treatment tomorrow, so if you are in the area, now is a good time for vacation!

4 thoughts on “i've had enough.

  1. I hear you. I have been thinking about this a lot in my own life. I won’t give you a “you can do it” but rather a “one day at a time/one thing at a time.” I love this quote.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt: When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.

  2. I hope the progesterone goes well this month! I am so with you on the discipline. There’s research, however, that talks about will-power and how its finite. I haven’t found anything about how to effectively increase your capabilities in this area, but I do know that when we think of this as one of the fruits discussed in Galatians 5, we know it comes from the Spirit, and as such we can ask Him to increase it.

    Now I just need to find the discipline to ask, right? lol

    • Heidi – I think you bring up a good point about the source of discipline. And you’re right – sometimes it’s hard to genuinely ask for it because, personally, I enjoy a good couple of hours watching bad tv!

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