bad tv returns to the k house

Well, today, after almost a year of abstaining, the K fam has TV again.

And let me tell you – not even 8 hours into it, the K fam is already watching horrifically bad TV.

Oh, E!, how I missed you!

Why, oh WHY do I love the show Kendra? As we watched it, Frank’s IQ plummeted and he begged me to change the channel.  He promised to rub my feet for the rest of my life if I could just, for the love of all that is good on this earth change the channel.

We watched Sound of Music for good measure and to atone for our Kendra watching sins.

But now we are watching The Soup on E!  Like a moth to the flame…

and it is so good!  I might just sleep downstairs tonight, bathing in the soft electric glow of our TV. Mmmmm.

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