highs & lows, week ending 9/6/09


1. great test results and moving forward with iui.  sa-weet.

2. fk – he’s been fabu.

3. cable. tv. (with DVR…. ohmygoodnessgracious – does tv get any better?  i think not!)

4. septemberfest


1. being sick.  and just when i thought i was over it… iiiiiiiiit’s baaaack

I think that sums it up…

One thought on “highs & lows, week ending 9/6/09

  1. The whole “fabu” thing made me laugh! And I’m SOOOOO jealous of the dvr. I’ve been salivating over one for years now, but I’m just not ready for an even higher bill. Sorry you’re sick!

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