now that's an ugly run!

I ran my 4 mile run today (4.3 to be precise!) and man, was that run ug-ly!  First, I should clarify for my dear friend Erin that when I say “run” I mean a slow jog just a touch faster than a brisk walk.

Second, I originally mapped out a run that was EXACTLY 4.0 miles.  I ran 4.3 because I made a wrong turn and got a wee bit lost.  No worries, I course corrected and was fine.

Third, I was sooo hot from the run that I was still sweating AFTER the shower.  I tried (in vain) to blow-dry my hair.  The extra heat only made me sweat more and was counter productive. ::sigh:: So I wound up going to tea with a wet head.  The British are quite disappointed, I’m sure.

So ugly, but so good!  I definitely had a natural runner’s high afterwords.  But as the old adage goes – what goes up must come down.  Nap time!

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