the dynamic duo

Two of my dearest friends, Dorothy and Tammy, are turning 29 next week. One year from 30. (I’m good with math) This means that I am right behind them. Dirty.

Our twenties were … busy. Graduating from college. Boyfriends, relationships, marriages. Moving (me, mostly). Jobs and job changes (planned and otherwise). New friends.

And in the midst of that, lots of figuring out who we were after college. Out of the confines of the educational system, who were our friends? What were we going to do with our lives?

Oh, and I guess it didn’t help that Frank and I left the state for four years.

But here we are, almost 16 years after I met Tammy and 10 years after meeting Dorothy, and we are all still close friends.

Tammy is one of the cutest girls you’ll meet. A sweet demeanor, I’ve only heard her yell once (well, maybe twice). And everyone stopped and looked – shocked that she raised her voice. And she gives great shoulder rubs! Tammy loves to dance and sing – and you can catch her doing both while eating something delicious (when something is yummy, Tammy lets you know!). Tammy takes her time with things, thinks before she speaks and is often a little late for… everything. But! I learned a trick last weekend – if you call her last minute for something, she totally shows up on time. Ah ha! Peace and harmony is important to her.

Dorothy is passionate. She loves everyone she meets (and knows someone EVERYWHERE – trust me – true story) and everyone loves her. She is a fantastic teacher, a natural leader and a sensitive soul. Another vocalist (I know so many just to make up for my ineptitude in that arena), she rocks the mic at karaoke and at many wedding ceremonies. Dor shows up on time and prepared for just about everything. Justice and mercy are important to her.

I love both of these ladies and I cannot wait to see out this decade of our lives together. Our twenties have been exciting. I hope our thirties are just as sweet.

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