going… going….

So I ran 2 miles this morning. I want to document all of my runs because, well, they take a monumental amount of mental and physical effort for me. Although, what I discovered today is that they really only take a lot of mental effort… and not as much physical effort as I would think.

Years ago, me running 1 mile was amazing. I remember the first time I ran the full mile without stopping to walk. And a few years after that, I remember when I ran the mile in 8 minutes and 30 seconds. That was after averaging 13 minute miles for most of my life. I was so proud!

Then years later, I started a running program in 2007. I was going to train to do a half marathon and I printed out a running schedule from RunnersWorld.com . The first week (just like this week) was all 2 mile runs. And I did it! yay! But then there was the next week: a 3 mile run! Oh my! And the week after that – 4 miles! And then 5! And then 6!

And then Dad got sick. I kept running, but shortly after he got sick, I took a nasty fall. My knees were swollen and painful. So I stopped running as far. I sort of petered out. And work got busy. And a million things took the front seat to my health and fitness.

So two years later, here I am. I’m going to climb this mountain again. Sure, I might get pregnant in the middle of it all and have to convert to walking. That would be awesome if that happens. But I don’t want to NOT run and be healthy because I MIGHT get pregnant. That would be silly.

Two miles. Sunday, another two miles. And next week, I will see what I am made of when I look a 3 mile run in the face… and do it! (slowly, of course)

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