and everywhere I went, I was run-ning!

Ok, so I got up this morning (after snoozing for a little bit) and ran 2 miles. Well, ran is a little bit aggressive. Jogged. Shuffled quickly. Shuffled.

Regardless, I moved my body 2 miles this morning. I will do it again Thursday morning. I will NOT let myself fall into the abyss of weight gain.

So. help. me.

I also went to the doctor for my day 3 ultra sound. I have a few 9 mm and 10 mm follicles, which is really interesting since that’s how big they were last month on day 12. Hm.

I have to get some bloodwork tomorrow and then on Friday, I will start the double dose of clomid. Oh yes. Let the good times begin!

On Saturday I will have a follow up ultra sound to see if the follicles they saw today got any bigger. Oh, and she didn’t see any cysts. Which is pretty much amazing because on my February and subsequent ultra sounds they DID see cysts. My crazy body, I’m telling you. I have fibroids. I don’t have them. I have cysts. I don’t have them.

I will say, I am feeling very hopeful about this round of treatments. Even if it doesn’t work, I feel like we are working towards figuring this biz out.

5 thoughts on “and everywhere I went, I was run-ning!

  1. that is GREAT news!! maybe GOD took away your cysts! πŸ™‚ i can't wait to hear what your Saturday appointment tells you!!so glad i get to spend the day with you on saturday! πŸ™‚

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