Going Rogue

Frank likes things to be normal, nice, even-keeled. He is always professional. Even when he and I argue, he is totally logical, professional, rational, respectful, etc.

And then there’s me.

Which leads me to the fact that Frank is not around to manage my birthday greetings to his family. See, in classic FK+EK style, we TOTALLY forgot Dear Brother-in-Law Dave’s birthday. HARD. CORE. Eek. This is kind of a sin. Now, because Dave is a sweet and understanding fella, I am sure he will be totally gracious about our faux pas. The rest of the family will chalk it up to our W&C (wild & crazy) lifestyle. Ah, Frank and Emily – when will you grow up??

So I got Dave a birthday card. I started writing an apology. It went like this:

We feel terrible that we missed your birthday.

And then the devil tapped me on my shoulder. “Frank will never see this card. You can be your wacky self. Go for it…”

I’d like to say it was because of the recent alien abduction, but that would be a lie.
We hope that your birthday was amazing!
Love, Frank & Em

So yeah. Somewhere in Vermont, Frank is sitting at a cozy hotel breakfast, feeling very concerned that his wife is veering slightly from the normal path. And the question is not whether or not that feeling is justified – cuz it is – it’s just a matter of wondering what she is doing exactly.

Ah, bring it on world.

2 thoughts on “Going Rogue

  1. o, we LOVE wild and crazy emily!! never grow up!! :)and you know frank loves it too. you help to loosen him up at times. if he didn't love your quirks he wouldn't have chosed to spend his life with you. you keep his life interesting! 🙂

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