The Habitual View of Passing Satellites

FK and I are working on our 5 yr plan.

It is pretty clear to us that prayer will have to be a habit.

Habits sound boring and mundane.

Sometimes habits sound like obligations – or things you don’t really consider when you do them because, well, habits are second nature.

The very reason we make things habitual is because we will do those things that are habits first.

If I am in the habit of emotionally eating crappy food, when things get emotional I will…


So when I am trying to become healthy, I try to make eating healthy a habit.

Then when things get emotional I will…

not eat crap. Maybe I will just not eat.

What if I train myself to run when I am stressed? I did that before.

The results were miraculous.

But it takes 3 weeks to form a habit.

And 3 days to break it.


So back to prayer. It needs to be habitual.

If I always pray even during the easy times,

then when the big stuff comes down –

I will pray.

There are bad habits and good habits. But most habits sound impersonal. If FK told me I was a habit, I would be offended. Just a little.

I don’t think that God will be offended if I am obediently seeking Him.

I think He will be delighted.

And I will make better choices because my will will be aligned with His will.

Frank and I talked last night about watching a satellite “set.”

When he flies at night, he sees shooting stars and satellites and the milky way so clearly.

One night, he was flying and he saw a really bright object close by – it was a satellite.

The satellite was so high up that it was still reflecting the light from the sun. The sun was setting and eventually the satellite faded out.

“Hmm, I wonder if you will ever see a satellite rise?” I asked.

“Nah,” Frank replied, “It’s like shooting stars, you never see the shooting star start… you just see where it goes.”

But what if we had our eye on the satellite the whole time? What if we knew where it was? Then we could see it rise.

And maybe that’s how it is with God – if I am trained to look at the sky, not only will I see His hand where I have been, but I will see His hand directing where I will go.

Then I will know where I should go – and I will see the evidence of Him in my life.


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