I think it’s funny in fertility programs that they call a drug regimen a “protocol.” For the past 5 days or so, I’ve been on a “Clomid Protocol” that involves a lot more than just Clomid. Because I want to remember what I did years from now so that I can more accurately put into perspective this part of the treatment, I thought I’d outline exactly what my protocol was:

Days 5-9: 50mg of Clomid
Days 8-12: estradiol (estrogen hormone)
Day 12: HCG shot (pending mature follicles)
Days 12-14: Project Atlanta (need I say more??)
Days 14-32: Progesterone

Anyway, if this crazy treatment works, we will likely be due sometime around March 8th. If it doesn’t – we get to keep chuggin’ along for another couple of months before our friends (aka Nurse L and Dr. K) refer us to a more serious fertility program (how does it get more serious than this??).

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