The Adventures of Ed* and Sally* – Part 2

… and so we continue.

Now, when Ed and Sally were first married, just as The Badness was beginning (but before anyone realized The Badness had started), the lived in bliss in a cute apartment in Nutsville, IL. Now like all times of bliss, it was peppered with the occasional massive earwig infestation (also called The Great Earwig Infestation of 2003). During these tribulations, Ed was a dedicated and brave husband. In one night he destroyed 19 of these nasty nasties in their master bedroom. Awww – isn’t he dreamy? So close to Sir Lancelot, yet, Sir Lancelot probably never had to deal with Earwigs.

The Bliss was not meant to last, though – as many eras of The Bliss do not last. Ed, who had been teaching people to fly, was finally offered a “real” flying gig at Dairy Air in The Good Landville, WI. Packing up their toothbrushes and deoderant, and a few other small items, Ed and Sally roared off into the great North Woods of Wisconsin.

Sally started a new job in The Good Landville selling pills that were not regulated by the FDA, but that promised significant health benefits. Call it shady, call it voo-doo, but it paid the bills. And Ed never questioned that all of her paychecks were delivered directly to her dresser in the morning. Maybe he didn’t question it because love is blind and herpes is often dormant for long periods of time?

While Sally was mastering her craft, Ed was learning how to land airplanes at exotic destinations, like Escanaba and Iron Mountain. Dairy Air serviced only the hottest destinations in the North Woods. And with the demanding schedule of a “real” airline pilot, Ed sometimes worked as much as 1 1/2 hours that first few months of aviating.

So what did Ed do with all of that free time?

More on that later.

~to be continued…

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