The Adventures of Ed* and Sally* – Part 1

*The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

This is my story of Ed and Sally. It’s a simple story of love during the time of the economic melt down, which will hereto refer to as The Badness.

During the time of The Badness, Ed met Sally. Ed was a really swell guy. He was very tall and handsome with a stern brow and easy smile. Sally was also swell, but with less of a stern brow as she consorted with beauticians to “take care of that sort of thing.”

It was love at first sight. Well, mostly at first sight. They played hard to get with one another for a long time before they realized they were getting no where. Once they realized that they were getting no where with the hard-to-get biz, they decided to get married.

Ed is a pilot and he likes to fish. Sometimes he takes his 717 low over small lakes and rivers to see where the fish are hanging out. Some call it cheating, but the FAA calls it dangerous. It doesn’t matter though; with his keen sense of vision and amazing olfactory abilities, he is a fishing force even when he isn’t bringing old Betsy (his 717) low over the trees in the great wooded north of Illinois.

Sally is in business (and no, this is not shorthand for prostitute – she really works in the corporate world) and she likes to dance. She has taken the statement “Dance like no one is watching” to unfortunate new levels and has been restricted to dancing at home, in the dark, with the drapes closed. But she does dance and that is important.

Our adventures really begin when Ed and Sally got married and moved to the great state of Wisconsin. More on that later.

~to be continued….

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