durty canadians.

Every year Frank and I get tickets from his parents to see a Black Hawks game. Before the game, we go to The Ultimate Buffet. This isn’t your OCB (Old Country Buffet) experience. It is gourmet and delicious – a feast of all of the senses. Yum. We usually graze (meat, cheese, more meat, more cheese) until just before the game. Nothing says tradition like The Ultimate Buffet. After the buffet, the hockey game is really just an opportunity to let the food digest before driving home.

So anyway, on to why the Canadians are on my List. Tonight the Black Hawks played the Edmonton Oilers. As is proper, when it comes time to play the national anthem, we courteous Americans have the guy sing “Oh Canada” first and then our national anthem second. Now, let me tell you, “Oh Canada” is so slow and boring, it may as well be a funeral dirge (Sp?). But we took our hats off and played nice. When they started playing our national anthem, the crowd was very excited. I mean, our anthem is about triumphing after a night of fighting – about seeing our flag waving proudly in the rising sun as the dust settled. Apparently the Canadian team didn’t care much for our rallying, exciting anthem as they started skating around their side of the rink before the song was finished. Who does that??? If we did that, there would have to be a public apology from the Black Hawk’s coach to all of Canada.

The good news is that the Hawks beat the Oilers 4 to 1.

Take that.

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