So it has been over a month since my last post – bad Emily!!

First things first – I hope that everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving. Despite not having an oven, my mother (aka the Miracle Worker) managed to pull off a fantastic feast of traditional Thanksgiving Fare.

My delightful cousin Dave turned 21 with the traditional Martini Party. Good thing that everyone has a few months to let their livers recover before Adam turns 21 in April. As the designated driver, I am responsible not only for getting my parents home, but also helping them remember what they did the night before. And yes, this part was well documented on my cell phone and on Meghan’s camcorder. Hopefully the tape will not be “lost” as it was last time. Uncle Steve cannot seem to locate the tape from Meghan’s 21st. I think that’s awfully convenient since he inadvertantly videotaped an hour of his lap.

Enough of that. Since it is clear that the Christmas season is upon us now (well, since October), Frank and I set up our Christmas tree. We like it – it’s our first Christmas tree and we’ve been married for 3 years now. It’s purty. The month of December is going to be OUT OF CONTROL busy. We have a Christmas party next Friday for work, the Women’s Holiday Brunch at church on Saturday and then visitors on Saturday night. The next weekends after that include a cookie-making party with the H.S. girls, a “Welcome to the World” Celebration for Kristin’s baby boy, Matthew – and – oh yeah – Christmas Eve at our house. YAY!!!

Shout Outs: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Kate (the 27th), Meghan (22nd), Kelly H-B (11th), and Stacie D (18th). And those were in no particular order.

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