Frank and I had the most amazing vacation Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We flew into Denver early on Thursday morning and caught a shuttle down to Colorado Springs (referred to as The Springs by the locals). We picked up our rental car (a red Dodge Caravan with “all the bells and whistles” – which thankfully did not include kids) and headed off to Pikes Peak.

At Pikes Peak, we experienced a torrential downpour, a fantastic display of lightening and thunder and hail. As we rode the cog railway up the side of the mountain, the weather cleared up. On the ride up the mountain, we saw the smallest town (Ruxton Park, pop’n 2), old fur trappers’ cabins, and a clearing where an old hotel used to stand. When we got to the top, it started to snow! Crazy!!

We came back down the mountain, stopped at our hotel room, changed and went to downtown Springs for dinner. The dinner we had downtown was absolutely amazing!! I know, The Melting Pot is a chain, but it was our first time going there together. The hostess sat us in a private, two person booth – very cozy. Dinner probably took over 3 hours, but it was awesome. We caught up on a great variety of things, reflected on the past 3 years of marriage and just enjoyed eachother.

While we sat there, it helped me get some great perspective on a huge part of who I am. I love spending time with Frank – he makes me laugh, we have great conversations and a wonderful time together. He is strong, smart, quick-witted, funny, kind and fair in all things. He is such a huge blessing – I feel so grateful that we are together, life partners, roommates – whatever you want to call it 🙂 He is truly my better half.

The next day (Friday) we went hiking at Garden of the Gods. We made up a few dances based on rock climbing terms. I’m sure Frank would prefer that I not share those terms and motions with the general reading public, but I assure you, it was good stuff.

Later Frank and I drove up to Denver to see Greg Proops (sounds like Poops with an “r” in it). He was hilarious! We had the best time!!!

Thanks, Frank, for a wonderful vacation!!!

2 thoughts on “Vay-cay!

  1. O my goodness!! that sounds like HEAVEN!!!!! i am SO happy you guys got that time. i can feel your relationship growing just by reading that! YAY for the Kerouseseseses!!! 🙂

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