my roommate.

My roommate has been putting propaganda on the web and I feel compelled to dispell any rumors he may start.

The recent post on his blog about the “Day in the Life of a Reserve Pilot” is definitely over the top and… completely unoriginal. Before my roommate got his own blog, he hijacked my blog back in December 2004 and posted this. Yeah, it’s the same thing. C’mon.

However, I must say he did do a nice job on discussing the pitfalls of the 22nd ammendment. Kudos to him for that. Articulation is so hot.

Unfortunately, I’m still distracted by the lies he is spreading about the OJ and my alarm clock habits.

In other news, our house should be done by 3/23ish. YAY!!!

3 thoughts on “my roommate.

  1. I just figured I should remind everybody before you start beefing that I’m sitting around at home all day. Bah!

  2. Huh. I know neither of you personally (only by proxy through one Mr. Josh Peters) and yet, I learn so much.So quickly.Hm…:)

  3. You know…3/23 is my 27th birthday…just saying…that you guys should totally have a house warming party that also celebrates my life :)Cuz I do wanna visit y’all.

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