here's to Tongboy

This is an anniversary shout out for a long forgotten anniversary. It was one of those blustery winter days back in the 90s. Before the bubble burst. Before the Y2K Scare. Before Bush was elected. Yes, I refer to the joyfully oblvious late 90s. Signing bonuses for journalism majors. Talk about years of excess.

Before the end of Seinfeld, the War and the Emergence of the Axis of Evil – there was The Break Up (TBU).

Alas, it was high school companionship that was not meant to last. ::Sigh:: So, this one is for you Craig.

Thank you, Craiger, for being my obliging date to all the major dances. And for riding with Tony and Lauren and Brian and Kelly in the scary limo on the way home from prom. And for taking the girls out to lunch because we didn’t have a car. Oh, and for the hood ornament from the 1982 Plymouth Reliant. And for being TongBoy, the other half of the ambiguously gay duo with my dad, Wells LeMont. And for still liking my family, even when my sister humped you-On the bed-With your clothes on – and it was still uncomfortable. Thank you also for STP and AC/DC and Aerosmith. It helps round out my musical interests and makes up for my tendency to listen to country music. “She thinks my tractor’s sexy….”

Even though you had to endure dating me, you still managed to be my friend afterward. And for being happy for me when Frank and I started dating, even though some people weren’t as happy. Ahem. And then you and Jamie were awesome helping us with our wedding, with the most important part being that you were both EXCITED for us – you don’t know how much that meant to us!! And even now, you guys are soooo supportive of the house that we are building – we love telling you guys what is going on in our life and we love hearing what you are up to!

So, what began as TBU turned out to be TBOAGF (The Beginning of a Great Friendship). Happy 8 year anniversary to all of us! I think this will be a good story to tell all of our kids. When we are ready. And maybe a little drunk.


One thought on “here's to Tongboy

  1. Wow… I didn’t expect that. Thats a good way to start my day! Even though the TBU didn’t go well at the time (like any do), it still turned into a wonderful friendship that has survived many years and will last for a lifetime. Now we have the spouses of our dreams… You managed to marry someone taller then you as well! It was nice you guys made the plunge first, since it made mine easier (he survived, why shouldn’t I).The spirit of the Reliant is still around with us – thats probably why Frank’s car is making a noise, and Jamie’s always needs work.Who would have known this would happen by just telling my sister I thought one of her friends were cute. Tongboy

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