Thanks to lots of help from my fabulous Aunt Jill, Frank and I picked out all the colors for our new home! We are very excited about it (well, I am. Frank is happy that I am happy.) and if you click here, you can see the colors we picked. On this list, we selected “Super White” for the trim and doors. We selected “Putnam Ivory” for the entry way, kitchen, great room and laundry room. We selected “Tyler Taupe” for the powder room and Maple Leaf Red for the dining room (not listed). Upstairs, we are going to use “Chestertown Buff” in our bedroom and the Mother-In-Law room. The bathrooms will be “Waterbury Cream” and the office will be “Nantucket Gray.” The colors online don’t look like the actual colors, but it should give a pretty good idea.

This is such a small thing, but it really made my day. I think the house is going to feel so warm and homey when it’s all painted! 😀

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