why do i have this blog anyway?

Well, it has crossed my mind many times as to why I have this blog since it seems that my updates are few and far between. Initially I thought it would be a great creative outlet for my wacky thoughts – turns out having a full time job sucks the life and sense of humor and creativity out of you. Or maybe getting old does that. Wow. That’s depressing.

I mean, let’s evaluate: what are my hobbies? work, husband, work, church, work, family. Not in that order exactly, but close. So that even sounds a little depressing. Let’s ponder this one, shall we?


One thought on “why do i have this blog anyway?

  1. Hey EmJust wanted to say “take it easy”. You have a wonderful life and a wonderful husband to go along with that. Many of us, like myself, would want to have a jessica and nick type of relationship in regards to loving, nuturing, and great marriage. I know that you may be at a point where you are stuck in findidng out what you like to do besides work, home, husband, and church. Just don’t worry about it so much, take life one day at a time, you eventually will find that hobby that you would love to do along with work, home, husband, and church. From my personal experience, I sometimes come home to mentally tired to do anything, but just write in my journal (my non-online journal) and vent, and put some music and light candles just to relax myself. Yep life is getting harder and complicated it sucks..wish I could go back to being in college…minus the tedious hw. Okay well you take care of yourself and hope you have a great week. I miss ya. 🙂 Love ya ❤ Michelle

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