Home again!

Well, we’re back in Chicago, but the weather is at least warm (though wet) and I can’t complain about that! We spent a long weekend in San Francisco, seeing as much as we could with Frank’s parents. They are AWESOME tour guides. It’s as though they have lived there all this time! Dr. K even knew the birthday of Joe The Shoe Shine Guy–how crazy is that??!

San Fran is gorgeous and interesting–modern and vintage at the same time. The cable cars that go up and down the hills are from all over the country–some from Chicago even! Whatever everyone else has cast off as old, they make new and unique again. How fun is that??? And the shops are just interesting and the people watching is fantastic! They have beautiful flower markets and intriguing peace protests and lovely sunny weather. San Francisco is quite the treat!

Here I am, though, back in Chicago. HURRAH! 🙂

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