Job Confusion….

Job Confusion….

So yeah, after all of this back and forth, some of you must be wondering where the heck I stand on my job situation. Do I like it? Do I hate it?

You know what? I don’t know. I think I like it … but then again… There are things I love, things I hate. Right now, I’m hating the hours.

Most Romantic-ist Husband Ever.

Frank has driven down to Chicago to pick me up from work twice this week, done all the grocery shopping, taken care of the taxes and is battling the NPD over a parking ticket I got at the train station after I couldn’t get the bills to go in the slot. It was quite dramatic–the machine wouldn’t even suck my dollar in to read it and then spit it out. As I was trying to jam money and bills in the machine, my train pulled up. I decided not to stick around and miss my train, so I ran down the tunnel, up the stairs on the other side and BARELY made my train. So anyway, got a $15 ticket. Blast it.

So anyway, Frank has been taking care of both of our lives for the past week and today he is cleaning the house and doing laundry. Do husbands REALLY come any better than this??? I doubt not! He always asks what he can do and doesn’t complain or whine. It’s fantastic!! He is just the super-duperist guy ever! 😀

Yay for good guys!

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