Okay, so yeah. I whined to Jamie that she wasn’t giving me enough to read on her blogger and then SHE goes and points out that *I* have not updated mine since MONDAY. Well, hrmph! I thought I had. Darn it.

This week was pretty good. It’s amazing how quickly I have figured out Frank’s little habits. In the morning I know that he gets up, showers and gets dressed in the closet (towel on the floor of closet: Clue #1). Then he strolls out to the kitchen and makes his breakfast. He either reads a magazine at the table (open magazine on table: Clue #2) or watches TV (TV left on Comedy Central: Clue #3). Then he rinses out his bowl and puts it in the sink and is on his merry way. None of these things bothers me, but it paints a pretty clear picture of his morning, which makes me smile. In the morning, as a way of saying, “I love you”, he makes the bed. He also takes the trash out if there is any–also another sweet gesture. Frank is a great husband–he does laundry when needed, washes dishes, cleans the bathroom–all in all, a delight! Today he’s going grocery shopping! I tell you, once you’re married, there isn’t anything sexier than a man who says, “I’ll go to Dominick’s for you, baby!” Aw!

Tonight Frank and I are hanging out with the Gs. That should be fun! Tomorrow Frank and I have the day off and we are going to get dressed, eat b’fast and then come home and nap. Then we are going to get some shoes (we both need running shoes) and then we are going to do other useful, yet relaxing, errands. Ahhh!

Hope all is well! This blog has been dedicated to Jamie B–Thanks for updating yours! Now I have something to do at work!!!

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