Love and Marriage.

Well, here we are, married for over 2 weeks now. We are still writing thank you notes and organizing our apartment. Thanks to years of collecting items we simply cannot let go and very generous friends and relatives, we have a lot of stuff to squeeze into our apartment. Normally I would be all up in Frank’s face about what a disaster the “Staging Area” is (nickname for our 2nd bedroom/office/mess), but there is so much to do, I have put off fixing up the 2nd bedroom until we finish thank you notes, clean out his bedroom in Antioch, organize the China and preserve my wedding dress. Did I mention that the holidays are next month?? And then one of my dearest friends ever is getting hitched in December? Followed by more holidays??? Oh goodness!!!

Anyway, this marriage thing is pretty decent.

Friday: Frank and I came home from work. Frank actually picked me up at the train and took me home. The pizza arrived and we ate pizza, listened to music and talked. After dinner, we wrote thank you notes and watched Romeo + Juliet (the newer version) and went to bed. It was a lovely night.

Saturday: We woke up and drove to Frank’s work. I dropped him off and went up to my parents’ house. They weren’t there. (Not entirely surprising–very busy people!) I had some shopping to do and then I needed to get home and get dinner started because Craig and Jamie were coming over for dinner. Craig and Jamie arrived a little late (thank goodness! I was running behind!) We had a nice dinner, drank some marguritas (Nice job, Frank and Craig on the margaritas!! Turns out they are lovely floor polishes as well!) and then watched the video of our wedding. Woohoo!

Sunday: I went to church with the in-laws. Afterward we had a light lunch together. They are nice to talk to and I enjoy spending time with them. Then I drove up to my parents’ house again, this time they were there. We chatted and then Dad and Andy-the-stud helped me move some more of my stuff out of the house.

Frank was supposed to be home around 5 or 6, but around 6:30 (when he finally got signal on his cell!), he called to tell me that he was going to be WAY late. Turns out he didn’t get home from his trip until 10pm!! Poor guy! He hasn’t had a day off since we came home from the honeymoon 😦

What is so nice about the marriage thing is that we might be busy, but we still get to see each other more than we did before.

Let’s see… I think that’s all for me for now!

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