MidWeek Updates

So in the last 24 hours I have walked into just about everything I can. I was standing by the fridge in the apartment and slammed my funny bone into the wall. I slammed my upper arm against FK’s elbow. I smashed my hip bone into the car door’s sharp edge. I walked into the door frame by the beverage station. And the list goes on! What is the deal!? Do I need glasses or did I spontaneously gain massive amounts of weight, thus causing me to underestimate the amount of room I need?? I sure hope not!

On another note, I am less grouchy today than I was Monday or Tuesday. This is good news for Frank, although he now doesn’t have to see me until Sunday so he has a nice long Emily-Free vacation. ::Sniff:: (I’m sure he’ll get over it!).

Which brings me to my next topic of conversation, my other boyfriend–


Kelly H is taking me to see him in Indianapolis on Friday and I am totally excited!!!! YAY! My body IS a wonderland, darn it! And if he is calling it love soon, then heck, so am I! But why, Georgia, why doesn’t John return my phone calls??? Is he playing hard to get?? Am I going to have to settle for being the woman on the side? I don’t know if I can do that with my heart buzzing like neon. John! Come back to me!!!

I have recovered. Anyway. And then Saturday I am going to see my other musical boyfriends, Lewis and Scharpf! YEEHAW! It’s Emily and Kelly Music Fest!!!!

As far as the wedding goes, things seem to be moving along with it. Only 44 more days to go!!

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