Weekend Updates.

Well, it wouldn’t be Monday without me being Grouchy and the weekend being updated. Or something.

Why I am Grouchy.

You may notice that at this particular time I prefer to use a capital “G” for Grouchy. This is because I am just that Grouchy. It all started with a phone conversation with FK and here I am, pissy as all heck. I think part of it is because FK and I discussed a phone call I have to make to one of the vendors to express my concerns over what was offered for the reception. I happen to like this vendor, but they have left us with no other choice than for me to call and be the concerned, fretting bride. “I am soooo concerned, I thought you were on my side. I thought you could make this happen–that’s why we’re paying you all this money. This is incredibly important to us. I just don’t understand how this could have become so intolerable. I just don’t understand why you can’t make my day happen the way you promised.” The thought of getting on the phone and being “that” girl makes me nauseous. But in the interest of time and getting things straightened out, I must do it. I’d send FK in, but we reserve him for the big dogs–things I absolutely refuse to handle.  I’d send Mom in, but that is an absolute last resort. So here I am, Grouchy and Pissy and just in general Cranky.

The Weekend

The weekend was fantastic. Friday, Frank moved all of the stuff into the apartment with the help of my darling brother, Andy, my mother, Mary and my grandma, Rosemary. Grandma really just sat on her chair and directed traffic (which I’m sure was oh-so-helpful!). By the time I got home from work, everything was moved in and we all headed out to return the UHaul and get some dinner. We dined at the always high class Chevy’s. It was yummy! Then after we dropped the family off at home, FK and I got BACK into the car and went to Lombard to a little bit of tidying in his sister Karen’s townhouse. FK had finished cleaning his bedroom and the office prior to the move, but still needed to scrub down the bathroom. At 11 we were finished and back on the road, heading up to Palatine for the night.

The next morning I awakened Frank and we had some cereal and went down to the new apartment in Naperville (READ: A LOT OF DRIVING THIS WEEKEND!) and let the bed movers into the apartment to set up our new bed! The bed is super squishy, very nice quality and a KING. Thank God! I put the sheets on the bed with the new pillows Mom gave us for the shower and washed the duvet. I headed off to the store while FK took a shower. When I came home, we unloaded groceries and I started cleaning while Frank headed off to work. I spent all day scrubbing, doing dishes, doing laundry, organizing, assembling and then later, cooking! We had our first grown up dinner without Missy (my dog) panting at the table, Frank’s sister watching over us, my parents providing commentary or other typical distractions. Yes, we do love our families, but sometimes the peace is just so nice! We washed dishes together and then explored our new apartment complex, finally locating the fitness center and club house–yay!!

Sunday I woke up at my leisure (which is usually 8 or so) and had some breakfast, took a shower, finished some wedding stuff and then went down to the airport. I normally put together a BBQ, but the grill was out of propane so I finished “Thank You” notes instead. Frank’s student made it back just before the storms hit, thankfully, so we were able to get out of the airport in time to grab some dinner with Frank’s (and my) friend Miss Laura P and one of Frank’s coworkers, Dustin H. We had a delightful dinner at Olive Garden before returning to the airport. I dropped Frank off at his car and we chatted a bit longer with Laura and Dustin before Frank went to Naperville and I went to Palatine.

The only downside to this whole apartment thing is that Frank is now 1 hour away as opposed to the previous 30 minute drive we had to endure. This means that we will probably not see eachother as often as we like, but we only have 46 days to go–I think we’ll make it!!

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