Wedding Updates:

Busy weekend! Mom, Cait and I finished up all the wedding invitations and sent those out. Mom got the last of them stamped last night–yippy! So now we just get to wait for reply cards, YAY!!!!

FK and I found our wedding bands. Mine is white gold with a thin band of diamonds. My big diamond has little diamond friends!!! FK’s is also white gold, but it’s a larger, more manly ring, and it has a subtle braid going through the center with a bevelled edge (sorta). They are beautiful rings. EEEK!

I also found our bedspread at Linens ‘n Things. I love it–it is red with a gold/green embroidered pattern on it. We are going to go back and get the rest soon.

Only 67 days to go!!

Other Updates:

In sadder news, George was injured today when he tried to take on my brother’s suburban. He lost a tail light and bent his bumper. The suburban’s chrome lining around the wheel well was pulled off. Both cars are will hopefully recover from their injuries in the next couple of weeks. Although, I can’t lie to you… George’s ego is hurt and I think he’s ready for another show down…

Down boy, down…

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