Long lost poem…

For about 4 years, John N and I have been searching for this poem we saw on the El. So anyway, the genious found it and I’m going to share it. It’s by John Dickson.


Of the twenty thousand leaves of the oak tree about twelve thousand were burned,

six thousand rotten on the ground,

two thousand disappeared in the river.

and one was pressed in a book,

pasted on paper,

hung on the kindergarten wall,

and considered by everyone to be

quite a marvelous thing.

Wedding Updates…

I went to try on my wedding dress yesterday and I put it on and it was 2 inches too short! Apparently the manufacturer neglected to add the extra length! The good news is that I caught it in time–they will be able to replace the gown with the correct one before my Aug 31st wedding (yes, I lied to the dress store and it’s a good thing too!).

And I can’t really be too upset about the whole dress thing, yesterday I think I found our wedding rings and bedspread. FK and I just need to check it out together to be srue and then we’re done with that….

Only 70 days to go!!

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