Dude. I'm in HERE!

Okay, so I was just going upstairs to the ad agency portion of the business and then I was JUST coming back down and that’s ALL I wanted to do! You’d think a SIMPLE task like that would be easy, but no… no it is not. I was on the 21st floor and I hit the button for 10. The digital floor counter device said “21… 20… 21” and I thought “Hm, that’s not right. I want to go down, not up.” And then I hit 10 again in case the elevator got confused. I think this pissed off Mr. Elevator Man and he said “I’m staying here!” And stay he did. For 25 minutes.

Yeah. So I was in there, pacing, crouching, thinking about my favoritest people in the whole world and how I wished I could tell them about this situation… but couldn’t. And I was in there for about 25 minutes. Yeah. So then the elevator dudes opened the doors and the elevator was about 2-3 feet over the floor.

I took the stairs back downstairs.

That’s all, folks.

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