What's up??

So Yeah, total slacker chick over here.

Wedding Updates (since this and work are all that is left of my life)

Saturday: Got the flowers with my mom. I will carry plum mini calla lillies (SOO pretty) and the bridesmaids will carry crystal breath mini calla lillies (also beautiful). We struck out later that day with the invitations, but then hit “gold” on Monday at Hallmark. So all we need to do is the wording and submit it (and the times) & the invitations will be taken care of!

Sunday: Went shopping for bridesmaid dresses and found a beautiful dress at Ann Taylor. It is black with a very ruffly bottom and a cowel neck and spaghetti straps. It will look lovely with an up-do and jewelry. AND it no one needs alterations AND it was on sale!! YAY!

Monday: Found the invitations and negotiated the trolley. I’m getting better at this negotiation thing. I am negotiated him down a respectable chunk of change. As long as I feel good about the negotiations–that’s all that matters, right?

Tuesday: Rested–went to bed at 9 p.m. It was my wedding day off.

Wednesday: Sending out deposit for trolley. Tonight we are going to check out tuxedos for Frank. He will look dashing, I’m sure! 😀

Thursday: Another day of rest.

Friday: FRANK’S BIRTHDAY!!! (I’m working at IAA that day in honor of his golden 23!)

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