life right now

Right now…

the twins are sleeping peacefully in their beds.

Right now…

their daddy is on his way home from a brief jaunt in Fort Meyers, FL.

Right now…

I’m reading my friend Heidi’s blog and reflecting on the long way we’ve both come since we first started reading each other’s blogs three and a half years ago. From infertility to holding beautiful daughters – the journey has been incredible.

And life right now is excellent.

There is a lot that has happened and there is a lot to look forward to – and this very minute, standing in between what has happened and what will be, is very sweet indeed.

But the right now is awesome.  Tonight I was putting the twins to bed the same way I usually put them to bed.  We often sit on the floor of the nursery and flip through books and chatter together before I put them in their cribs for the night.  The girls take turns sitting on my lap and showing me books and giving me little snuggles – and it is the most peaceful, beautiful part of my day. Anyway, tonight I was sitting on the floor holding Carrigan and she was showing me the book The Mitten, taking her tiny index finger and pointing to words in the book the way that she has seen Frank and I do when we read to her.  And my heart was full!

Carrigan learning how to use a straw.

I looked up from my reading exercise with Carrigan and saw Elliana opening and closing the drawer on her nightstand.  I could tell that she was watching the mechanics of her effort very carefully and something was coming together in her mind about how the world works. I am so in love!

Elliana investigating a toy.

And to top it all off?  Frank will be home any minute.

Yes, right now is excellent.

4 thoughts on “life right now

  1. I’ve had a lot of those moments lately with Raphie, where I just look at him and fill up with love. Incredible, isn’t it. It’s what we went through all of that heartache for!

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