gratuitous baby pictures

Our life is busy and it is full and it is happy.

We love spending time with our girls.  We love learning more about them and playing with them and snuggling!

Miss Carrie is our little giggler.  She has a big personality and loves to play and gab.  Her favorite thing is to squeal loudly.

I love when she scrunches up her nose!

Miss Ellie is a sweet little love bug.  She seems to sit back and observe things – looking around rooms, taking in the sights.  She can get chatty and giggly, but not as easily as her sister.

Ellie saying, “I’m just hanging out here, taking in the weather and the sky and the trees.  And you’re all like, ‘smile Ellie!’ I mean, goodness, what’s a girl gotta do for some peace and quiet??”

Ah, I love these girls!








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