seven month update

Both girls have discovered their feet and LOVE to grab them and put them in their mouths.  This is probably Frank’s least favorite part of parenting (as he hates feet!).

Ellie is our serious baby.  She is very pensive and sweet.  She rarely cries unless she is hungry or tired.  Even then, her cries are more like whines/complaints than full on squawks.  She tends to be up earlier than her sister in the morning.  She loves to get her snuggles and is an avid roller – I’ve seen her cross the entire room rolling!  She isn’t as chatty as her sister, but when she talks, she expects to be listened to.

Carrie smiles and talks to everyone.  I have no idea where she gets that from ::wink::.  When she realizes she’s hungry, you have exactly 2.3 seconds to get a bottle or spoon in her mouth before she loses her ever-loving mind.  (My apologies to our neighbors…) It’s crazy because she will be smiling and laughing right up until the point that she is hungry and then BAM! It’s so impressive that Ellie just sits and watches Carrie when this happens.  Like her sister, she is rolling and chatting. When either girl gets tired, they “sing” themselves to sleep.

Ellie: So, what is the deal with the flashing lights and picture taking?

Carrie: I don’t know.  Just look disinterested and she’ll go away.

Ellie:  I dunno, she seems to be pretty persistent.

Carrie: Excuse me.  Um, Ellie?  Excuse me.  EXCUSE ME.
Ellie: Is she still talking to me?
Carrie: Ellie, Ellie, Ellie!  You gotta try this rolling thing! SO. FREAKING. COOL!
Ellie: She’s still there, isn’t she?






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